Four Top Colton CA Restaurants You Will Be Sure To Enjoy

Four Top Colton CA Restaurants You Will Be Sure To Enjoy

It is time to look at some more of the great restaurants available to you in the great city of Colton, California. I’m going to tell you about four of them for this article. Remember, you are right there by San Bernardino when in Colton, and there are some great establishments. If you are hungry right now, maybe you can take one of these restaurant names and hit the road.

India’s Clay Oven is one of those popular restaurants in Colton. It is on West Hospitality Lane, and they have a lunch buffet. It sounds like you can enjoy a little of everything, so maybe that’s your best bet if you are up for some delicious Indian cuisine. One customer that left a review cracked me up because the headline for his or her review was about licking the plate. Now I would say that’s some delicious food.

Maria’s Cafe is up next, and it can be found on East Washington Street. Not only is the Mexican food there said to be absolutely delicious, but the prices are what you want to see, too. It’s always good when you can get what you want to eat at a good price. One reviewer talks about cabbage salsa, and that is very interesting to me. I want to try it, don’t you? By the way, Maria’s Cafe serves up some delicious breakfast burritos, too.

Bleu Pitt Cafe is another top establishment, and it can be found on West Hospitality Lane. Reviewers talk about the bagels and sandwiches for starters, and all of that sounds delicious. One example of a sandwich you can have there is a grilled pastrami sandwich, which one person says comes on a jalapeno roll. It makes me wonder if they have different breads you can choose from as well.

The last restaurant in Colton I’m going to mention for this article is Mitla Cafe. This cafe is on North Mount Vernon Avenue, and you can find some very delicious enchiladas and more there. Would you believe that one reviewer talks about first visiting the restaurant in 1942? That is hands down one of the best reviews for a restaurant that could ever be given. That is a wrap on that note for restaurants in Colton CA. If you make it to one or more of these establishments, you will appreciate eating some of the best food the city has to offer.

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