3 Things to Do in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove is a village located in Illinois. If you’ve never been there, then you should consider making a trip. There are quite a few things to do there. Read on to find out what some of the top things to do in Buffalo Grove.

1. Willow Stream Park- This parks sits on 54 acres and it is a great place to spend an entire day. You and your family will love it here and there are various activities you can do, such as play a game of basketball or a game of tennis. There’s also a pool you can take a dip in and there are bike paths and a number of picnic areas. You can easily spend a few hours here.

2. Raupp Museum- If you want to learn about Buffalo Grove’s social history, then you can do so at the Raupp Memorial Museum. It is a good place to visit if you’re a fan of museums. Regardless if you are or not, you should still pay the museum.

3. Mike Rylko Community Park- This is another park, and it may be small but it is still a good place to go to when you want to relax. It’s a great park to sit and have a picnic at or you can walk around it and take in the surrounding scenery. If you enjoy parks, then you’ll want to make this one of the first places you go to when you go to Buffalo Grove.

Those are a few things you can do in Buffalo Grove. All you have to do now is research accommodations and decide where you want to stay. You will love what the village has to offer and you’ll enjoy exploring the surrounding areas. Book a trip to Buffalo Grove today and find out for yourself what makes it a unique and fun place to visit.