How I Found Apartments For Rent Colton CA Area

Finding An Apartment

I was looking for a place to live after moving back in with my parents for a few months. I was living with a friend of mine, but our lease expired and she was going to move in with her boyfriend. I wasn’t prepared to live on my own just yet and decided to move back in with my parents for a few months so I could save up some money and take my time finding an apartment that was affordable.

Apartments For Rent

While living in my parents home, I kept an eye out for apartments for rent colton ca area. I checked the classified ads and my Facebook groups to see what the going rates were for rent and try to find something affordable. I kept looking around in case I found something that I just couldn’t pass up. However, I never really came across anything that was both reasonably priced and nice.

Apartments For Rent

I searched in the groups on Facebook that my friends told me about and I visited a website that had some apartments for rent listed. I found lots of affordable apartments for rent Colton CA area on this website. I saved these to my search because I wanted to compare all of them to see which ones I wanted to see in person. I didn’t want to waste my time looking at an apartment that wasn’t what I wanted or in a location that I wanted.

Contacted The Landlord

After searching around and saving some of the apartments I found, I looked to see where they were located. I eliminated the apartments that I wanted to rent down to a few of them and contacted the landlords so I could see them. After looking at them and determining how far they were from my job, I chose the one I wanted to rent. It wasn’t perfect and it was small, however I would be living on my own and I would be out of my parents house.

Search Of An Apartment

I posted on my Facebook page that I was in search of an apartment that was cheap. I got responses from a few friends that told me where these apartments were at and where to look for them. I have loved living in this apartment so far. It’s located near my job and lots of other things in town. I am glad I was able to find it.